Live life the way you always wanted

You've always earned for this day - to live life on your terms. Now, finally, that day is here. The 9 to 5 routine no longer has you chained. The call of duty has finally stopped ringing. The kids have flown the nest and have a life of their own. Life stretches ahead in a myriad colored tapestry waiting for you to explore... leisurely... your own pace.

The time is ripe to let go... be free of cares and let your own personal dreams... parked for so many years... to take wings!

Spread across 1.5 green acres at Bagalur off Sarjapur Road, Sukhshanthi-Retirement Homes is cocooned on the fringes of Jain Farms, the prestigious farmhouse project home to several of Bangalore's elite. Far from the hustle and bustle of the polluting city, it presents to you a lifestyle that many can only conjure up. Conceptualized and developed for senior citizens, Sukhshanthi-Retirement Homes offers you a fantastic opportunity to invest in and own a 600 sft. single bedroom, architect designed apartment, at an unbelievable price. But, the excitement goes way beyond this.

We, like you, believe that retirement is not the end... but the exciting beginning of a wondrous lifestyle. And when shared with like-minded folks, now traversing a path in life not very different from your own, retirement can truly seem like the best days of one's life. If that has set your imagination going... and your hopes soaring... longing for a living space that can make all of this happen... you're just going to have your dream come true. And, best of all, it's surprisingly well within reach too.

At Sukhshanthi-Retirement Homes you can choose to have all your meals (veg only) lunch and snacks through the day to a sumptuous dinner at night, cooked and served to you, day after day. Now isn't that a luxury that you'll truly prize? Of course, you can also cook as you please in your very own home, on occasion and when the mood takes you.

Recreational facilities at Sukhshanthi-Retirement Homes in Bangalore include a full-fledged entertainment facility equipped with a home theatre, card table, snooker and facilities for indoor sports, like chess and carom, to keep you agile and fit both mentally and physically. The yoga and religious convention hall take care of those quieter moments. You can use Sukhshanthi-Retirement Homes's well-appointed guest rooms when your friends and family join you in for the fun times.

In addition, all residents of Sukhshanthi-Retirement Homes have complimentary access to the host of recreational facilities available at the Jain Farms Club House.

Sukhshanthi-Retirement Homes in bangalore also has medical facilities to accommodate regular health checks, basic first aid and emergency needs. The nursing room is also equipped with ambulance service, for more critical occasions. Tie-ups with reputed healthcare facilities in the neighborhood ensure preferential and priority treatment, in case of an eventuality. Good reason to rest easy.

About jain farms

Jain Farms Pvt. Ltd., pioneered the concept of creating farm-houses equipped with modern amenities, co-located with luxurious Country Club facilities, serviced with attentive full-service staff to cater to visitors' every need. We have about 2500 satisfied customers. We have grown to establish an enviable reputation and market share in our field.